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Choosing One to One Schroth

The One to One Schroth Program is your path to taking action to improving your curvy spine.

Getting Started

Learn more about the One to One Schroth difference


Contact Dr Karen Takashima at One to One Physical Therapy and Pilates Fitness to take advantage of scheduling an appointment time to learn about the amazing One to One Schroth Difference. 

One to One Schroth Meet and Greet

Schedule a One to One Meet and Greet.

I, Dr Takashima, am committed to helping you make the best decision for your family.  Unlike other clinics, One to One Schorth schedules time dedicated to you to answer all your questions and discuss everything the One to One Schroth Program offers.   


Phone Meet and Talk

Crazy Schedule?  One to One Schroth offers telephone appointments to provide all the information you need to make an informed action plan to take a physical stand against scoliosis.

Clinic Meet and Greet

Want to feel the casual and warm environment of One to One Schroth?  We'll schedule a time to get to know Dr Takashima and you'll experience my quirky yet down to business personality.  The relationship between you or your child creates the environment for success.

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